The turkeys have climbed onto the wooden frames supporting the shed while the chicken is scratching the manure filled earth searching for food. Though the painting lacks vivid colors its attention to detail is great as he captured the wooden structures and the seemingly new iron sheets. Turkeys is a painting expressing the superiority and fierce nature of turkeys to that of other birds. In this painting the flock of turkeys is more in numbers and a higher position compared to the chicken thus a territorial command over the chicken. Spencer belonged to the neo-romanticism movement. He is noted for his landscape paintings and other works expressing his strong Christian faith. He is seen to express a way of life of his native home Cookham which was categorized with livestock and bird keeping practices.

In his other paintings, he has painted several bird species including swans, doves, ducks, and doves. Among his great influencers were the poets' John Donne and William Blake whose poems were mainly about love, thus drawings his interest to understand the connection between man and woman. Other related artworks of Spencer include: The Apple Gatherers a painting depicting a family picking apples with the parents in the middle and their children surrounding them with baskets full of apples, Self Portrait which is a portrait of a young Spencer with a differentiated left and right eye and Soldiers Washing is a painting of three soldiers washing their faces on sinks reminiscent of his life during the first World War. His artwork influenced other artists including his daughter Unity Spencer.

His work was criticized for having sexual characters while he had established himself as an artist who represented Christianity with numerous biblical related paintings. Also his personal life was scrutinized for his marriage with a lesbian controversial to the teachings of his religion. These did not stop him as he was an artist who painted his life experiences which made him open-minded and gained him popularity. Through his painting he has seen to be a visionary and a futurist artist, his paintings had Christian teachings and thus he was a religious man. He was patriotic to his hometown Cookham with paintings of his town and their way of life.